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Read a recent article written by The Good News New York Newspaper about Ray and No Pat Answers here.

 Why "No Pat Answers"?

A "pat answer" is a trite, glib, shot from the hip, that is not very well thought out. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ requires more than pat answers.

A 'pat answer' is usually what is offered when someone questions your faith. "How could you believe . . . ?" And then, we give a pat answer, trite, glib, and not well thought out.

My ministry is concerned not only teaching what Christians ought to believe, but why we believe it. It is important that we think about our faith. How could you believe that a man dead for three days could come back to life? How could you believe in an invisible being who made everything? How could you not believe in Darwinian evolution?

I help believers strengthen their faith and become more confident in explaining it, by understanding not only what they believe, but why they believe it, so that they become better witnesses to the risen Lord Jesus. I teach biblical, apologetic, and theological subjects. 

I also author a BLOG on apologetic and theological studies, current news, and events.

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Ray is a member of the Christian Apologetics Alliance.




Past Conferences

The No Pat Answers Annual Conference was on April 8-9, 2016.  Our keynote speaker was Natasha Crain of and author of Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side: 40 Conversations to Help Them Build a Lasting Faith.

Audio Files available in the RCM Store!

Available in the RCM store for $10

Available in the RCM store for $10

Past Conferences

The Women Teaching Women Conference was a superb event!! To order CDs or audio files from the conference, please email


Our Next Seminar will be held June 25, 2016.

During this seminar we will review what a worldview is; what makes up a worldview? How worldview function. And, how to engage people who hold different worldviews.

This seminar is free, but please register so we can plan for refreshments. We will also take an offering.

No Pat Answers Seminars are held three times a year and free of charge. Topics that have been covered range from Truth, The Existence of God in the Cosmological Arguments, The Teleological Arguments, The Moral Argument, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, The Reliability of the New Testament, Right to Life Issues, The Culture of Death, and Answering Objections to the Gospel Message.

These seminars are held during the months of June, September and January. Normally, these are held on the last Saturday of the month. However, there are times when Ray's schedule does not permit this and the seminar may either be cancelled or moved.

Conferences and Seminars are held at Long Branch Covenant Church,

355 Joline Avenue, Long Branch, NJ.  


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