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 Why "No Pat Answers"?

A "pat answer" is a trite, glib, shot from the hip, that is not very well thought out. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ requires more than pat answers.

A 'pat answer' is usually what is offered when someone questions your faith. "How could you believe . . . ?" And then, we give a pat answer, trite, glib, and not well thought out.

My ministry is concerned not only teaching what Christians ought to believe, but why we believe it. It is important that we think about our faith. How could you believe that a man dead for three days could come back to life? How could you believe in an invisible being who made everything? How could you not believe in Darwinian evolution?

I help believers strengthen their faith and become more confident in explaining it, by understanding not only what they believe, but why they believe it, so that they become better witnesses to the risen Lord Jesus. I teach biblical, apologetic, and theological subjects. 

I also author a BLOG on apologetic and theological studies, current news, and events.

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Ray is a member of the Christian Apologetics Alliance.




Upcoming Events

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Here's our next Conference on September 11,12, 2015!

Here's our next Conference on September 11,12, 2015!

Why a women’s apologetics conference?

It’s no secret that our Christian witness is being marginalized and, in some places, all but extinguished. In response to this, many apologists have risen to challenge these ideas that work to hinder our Christian witness.

Women have entered the realm and achieved serious recognition as apologists and we have assembled some of the best in the country today. Not only are they apologists, but mothers, wives, grandmothers, and successful single women who have risen to the task and learned this much needed skill. These women are filling a void in the confirmation and defense of the gospel and they can help you do the same. Here’s three reasons why you should attend the New Jersey Women’s Apologetics Conference.

Reason #1 You will be spiritually edified as you learn what is happening in our culture and how to make a difference as a Christian woman.

Reason #2 You will gain confidence in your responsibility to share your faith with your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors no matter their religious convictions.

Reason #3 As a woman, you either are or will be a caregiver, nurturer, or a teacher at some point. As you learn your importance as a woman and learn the “why” and “how” of defending your faith, you will be better equipped to pass on this skill to your children, grandchildren, church family, and friends

It is our hope you will take up the challenge and come to hear and learn how to strengthen your Christian witness, grow in confidence, and embark on a much needed journey.

SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Mary Jo Sharp, Julie Miller, Cindi Suffern, Nel Brace, Dianna Newman, Jill Graham, Nora Hale, Marcia Montenegro, Kathryn Camp and Charmain Barnes.

Despite some obstacles, the conference was a huge success. Thanks to all the folks who showed up to participate in our 7th annual conference. The wheels are already turning for next year.


WE ARE PLEASED TO HAVE HAD HENRY B. SMITH WITH US! The Associates for Biblical Research is a non-profit Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to demonstrating the historical reliability of the Bible through archaeological and Biblical research. Find out more about the ministry of ABR at

DVD's, CD's and audio files are available from the 2014 conference .



No Pat Answers Seminars are held three times a year and free of charge. Topics that have been covered range from Truth, The Existence of God in the Cosmological Arguments, The Teleological Arguments, The Moral Argument, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, The Reliability of the New Testament, Right to Life Issues, The Culture of Death, and Answering Objections to the Gospel Message.

These seminars are held during the months of June, September and January. Normally, these are held on the last Saturday of the month. However, there are times when Ray's schedule does not permit this and the seminar may either be cancelled or moved.

Conferences and Seminars are held at Long Branch Covenant Church,               355 Joline Avenue, Long Branch, NJ.  


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